Dan Quackenbush

Owner, Quackenbush & Associates

Olathe, KS

Dan Quackenbush has worked as an employee for each of the four major participants in the construction industry, Contractors, Designers, Owners and Subcontractors. This direct experience has provided Mr. Quackenbush with a unique and thorough understanding of the thought processes for each of these parties. Consider how differently each party uses and participates in the project schedule.  Mr. Quackenbush can explain the contractor’s perspective to engineers, owners and more importantly to lay persons. The project schedule is a highly detailed communications tool. How well the project schedule is prepared, maintained and used during the project will contribute significantly to the success or failure of the project.  Dan is fully familiar with the eight standard schedule analysis techniques and the numerous variations of each, as well as their weaknesses and strengths. He knows where to look for manipulations and distortions of both the base schedules and all the analysis techniques. Mr. Quackenbush has worked independently to prepare entire claims as well as worked within small to large teams in the preparation of complex claims.


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