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Connecting Construction Professionals with Industry Influencers, Experts, and Problem Solvers

Welcome to The Center For Advanced Professional Training

"The Center"

Our staff has conducted more than 375 in-person courses, seminars, conferences, and live events in the U.S., UK, S.E. Asia, Middle East, and India primarily on construction program management, and contract and claims management and administration. Now, our accredited courses are virtual! 

With COVID, the world has changed and “in-person” events such as our “live” courses and conferences are more challenging, and to a degree have been replaced with virtual events.

And we make them fun!


“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and screaming “WOO HOO, what a ride!”

Meet the Founder

If I won the lottery, I would not quit my job and retire.  I would keep working and doing exactly what I’m doing now.” I said that in 1993 when I was running this company’s predecessor throughout the 1990’s. I am not sure I have ever felt that way since, so I asked myself the question “Why aren’t I doing that now?” My message to you is this – Find the work that you love doing the most, and then do it, no matter what! And that’s what I’m doing with The Center For Advanced Professional Training LLC. (Often referred to as CAPT or “The Center.”)

In 1999, while a successful triathlete, I came down with a horrendous case of Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue. I went from easily biking 100 miles to not being able to do simple things like going grocery shopping. It was terribly debilitating, and I had to close the international seminar company that I loved so much.

When I recovered, I went on to serve as the Global Director of Business Development for Hill International’s Claims Group, and also served in the same capacity for Long International – two very well-respected construction claims consulting companies filled with exceptional people.

Fast forward to today, and this unique combination of experience has allowed me to return to doing what I love.  Our speakers are recognized experts and industry influencers.  Our clients are industry leaders in the construction industry who have built the world.  All of my interactions are “WIN/WIN” and now I can serve and help people the way I have always wanted – and what can be better than that? Let’s exercise our gifts in the marketplace together, and I look forward to growing with you!

What's Included

By going virtual, we have rolled with the changes. With industry renowned speakers, our virtual training is meeting client and industry demand. The format is shorter. The content is focused. The experience is intense – and fun! Our prices are affordable. And every course comes with a manual, workbook, checklist, or presentation.

Mission & Vision

From every corner of the globe, our accredited courses are trusted. Anyone who builds anything benefits from our personal and hands-on approach to practical education and training. There is still access to live speakers, live Q&A., and lively open discussions. Our motto is Access. Connection. Engagement – and we facilitate this expertly.

And if you prefer in-person training and consulting, we come to your company and organization for a customized, in-house program designed to address your specific issues and needs.

Managing Directors

Managing Director – Middle East

Dr. Jamal Al-Bahar has been my friend since 1993 when we helped each other launch our respective construction training organizations. Since then, PROMIS has evolved into the preeminent construction claims consulting and training organization in the Middle East. PROMIS alone has over 400 courses and thousands of satisfied clients. I am proud to announce that we are joining forces once again in order to leverage our extensive experience, contacts, and unique geographical locations for the benefit of our clients throughout the world. I have a great deal of admiration for Dr. Al-Bahar and I am excited to introduce you to him and PROMIS.

Managing Director -
India & Asia

In 1995 I wanted to do our courses in India. I was told by an exec at Businessweek Magazine that it was ‘too early’ and it would be ‘unwise.’ Fortunately, I met Chetan Sharma who managed the promotions of our courses to astounding success in New Delhi and Mumbai. Without Chetan Sharma, we would not have been successful. Chetan is the Founder & CEO of Datamation Group (ISO- 9001:2008 ISO 27001), one of India’s earliest and most reputable Research, Knowledge Management and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) companies employing over 1,500 employees. Headquartered in India, Datamation works from state of art facilities in various parts of the country, and also has offices in strategic locations in North America, Europe and Asia. Chetan is a friend, and I look forward to you meeting him so that you can call him friend too.